Damage – voices from the front line

AusterityEconomics_Oct2014_The damage to our public services

A series of UNISON Scotland reports on how austerity is hitting public services and how we can protect them.

A Fairer Start: A survey of apprentices in Scotland’s public services

A fairer start for apprentices
This survey is part of UNISON Scotland’s damage series which looks at the impact of austerity cuts on the country’s ...

Home care workers ask – we care, do you?

We Care Do You? Care workers survey
Scotland needs a quality home care service to meet the growing demand and also ensures that patients who shouldn’t be ...

Growing pains, a survey of youth workers

thumbnail of 20160509 Youth Work Damage Series2
This survey is part of UNISON Scotland’s Damage series: a set of surveys looking at the impact of the ‘Age ...

Doing the rounds – District Nurses survey – April 2016

thumbnail of DoingTheRounds_DistrictNursesSurvey_April2016
Service at risk of collapse needs significant investment It is evident from this UNISON survey and the work being carried ...

Registering Concern: survey of registrars – March 2016

thumbnail of RegisteringConcern_SurveyofRegistrars_March2016
Key Issues • Staff are under enormous pressure to deliver a high quality service with increasing demand and fewer resources. • Budgets ...

Health Visitor Survey

Health Visitor Survey
As part of the Children and Young People Act (Scotland) 2014, Health Visitors have been designated to be the Named ...

Disconnected: ICT staff survey Nov 2015

UNISON survey of staff working in Information and Communications Technology Key Issues Communications technology offers opportunities to transform the delivery of ...

Learning the hard way – FE staff survey – Sep 2015

Learning the hard way - Survey of Further Education Members September 2015 Key findings Number of colleges has reduced from ...