Damage – voices from the front line

AusterityEconomics_Oct2014_The damage to our public services

A series of UNISON Scotland reports on how austerity is hitting public services and how we can protect them.

Dumped on – working in Scotland’s waste management services

Dumped on - waste management staff speak out
Waste management is one of the least considered but most essential of public services. Most of us take for granted ...

Breaking point: overworked and underpaid

Braking point hospital porters
Scotland’s hospital porters speak out UNISON Scotland has undertaken a survey of NHS porters to find out how current austerity ...

Under pressure – Scotland’s occupational therapists speak out

OTs speak out
UNISON Scotland has surveyed our members working in occupational therapy across Scotland to assess their view of the current state, ...

The price of everything and the value of wages

The price of everything and the value of wages
“I just get by. Normally I am really struggling by week three. If my bills and rent go up any ...

Open the door – the homes we need

The homes we need
Housing staff on the homes we have and the homes we need Scotland has a housing crisis. We have a ...

Voices from the sharp end – Health and social care integration

Voices from the sharp end
The Public Bodies (Joint Working) Act and associated regulations set out the Scottish Government’s plans for health and care integration ...

Austerity economics don’t add up

Austerity economics don't add up
A UNISON Scotland report on public services and the economy UNISON Scotland launches this report as the process gets under ...

Dishing the dirt – Cleaners in Scotland’s public services speak out

Cleaners speak out
Long before most of us get to work – or after most of us have left our job a vital ...