Scotland’s Care Workers For Change

Scotland's Care Workers for ChangeCare is in crisis, thanks to a system that has been underfunded and ignored by governments for years. Care workers and the people that they look after are paying the price. That’s why we are campaigning for change.

The Future of Social Care in Scotland – Updates

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Covid Social Care Staff Support Fund

UNISON campaigned hard to make sure that social care workers did not have to survive on statutory sick pay, should ...
Press Release

UNISON welcomes full sick pay for social care workers 

UNISON welcomes the Coronavirus (COVID-19): social care staff support fund guidance, announced by the Scottish Government today (Thursday 25 June), ...
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CORONAVIRUS: care after covid-19 a UNISON vision for social care

Coronavirus Social Care: Prior to the crisis, the care sector was already in a precarious state – as a result ...