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From 1st October 2016 social care workers should be be paid £8.25 per hour. Are you? #TimetoCare

Help UNISON enforce the Living Wage and Fair Work. Click here to fill in our Living Wage survey right now!

New Social Care Rights from 1 October as demanded by Scottish Government

• The Scottish Living Wage of £8.25 (£8.45 from 1 May 2017)
• Fair working conditions
• An effective voice for staff when negotiating with your employer
• Secure working arrangements
• Opportunities to advance your career in social care

All this should be embedded in the revised funding of the organisation you work for. Complete the survey and tell UNISON what’s happening ‘on the ground’.

Update at 21 December: The Scottish Government has identified £100 million to enable the increased rate of £8.45 per hour to be paid, from at least the 1st of May 2017, to care workers supporting adults in care homes and care at home / housing support settings and should now include, where it hasn’t already, adult day care workers and personal assistants through arrangements made where care is provided.

Sleepovers: In addition the Government and COSLA statement says: “as minimum sleepovers are compliant as per HMRC guidelines. As stated before, this is for a transitional period with the ambition being that all hours be paid at the rate of the Living Wage… We will continue to support partnerships and providers in reforming sleepovers and looking to sustainable models of care based on improving outcomes for individuals. As part of the resource for Living Wage £10m was identified for sleepovers.” Progress will be reviewed throughout the year.

If you work in social care and are not being paid the Living Wage – or if your terms and conditions have been altered as a result of receiving the Living Wage – then you need to let us know.
Click here to tell us about it right now using our fast survey.

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