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Women in UNISONWomen form the majority of UNISON members in Scotland. UNISON structures like ‘proportionality’ attempt to make sure that the women are represented at all levels in the union, at least at a level that reflects their proportion of the membership. If the membership is 65% women, then the leadership should be at least 65% women.

Women’s Organisation in UNISONScotland addresses the discrimination women face and provides a forum and structures to promote issues that particularly affect women in the workplace and in society in general. Family care, low pay and domestic violence are just some examples of our campaigns. See also the UK Women’s pages.

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A just transition must recognise and promote the role of women

STUC Women’s conference highlighted the gender impact of climate change and demanded a just transition to promote the role of ... Read More

Women’s equality must be at the heart of the political agenda

STUC Women’s Conference backed a wide ranging COVID recovery plan that reflects the reality of women’s health and demanded that ... Read More

Diversity and inclusion – an unstoppable force

Conference backed a call from UNISON Scotland for the STUC Women’s Committee to recognise that many women are also members ... Read More

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We are the women who stand together – and we make Glasgow

Sylvia Haughney
#stucwomen18  Equal pay strikers, UNISON’s Sylvia Haughney and the GMB’s Shona Thomson, got the STUC Women’s Conference rocking with great ...
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Glasgow women get conference rocking

Sylvia Haughney and Shona Thomson
#stucwomen18 UNISON and GMB delegates and Equal pay strikers Sylvia Haughney and Shona Thomson holding the speeches that got the ...
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Challenging the commodification of sex

Dr. Davena Rankin
Backing a Fire Brigades Union motion, UNISON's Davena Rankin called for a campaign to expose the social causes of prostitution, ...
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Better awareness and support for dementia

Jean Kilpatrick
#stucwomen18 Dementia disproportionately affects women and the STUC Women’s Committee will work with the other Equalities Committees to raise awareness ...
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Halt the roll out of Universal Credit

Alison English
#stucwomen18 STUC Women’s Conference slammed the impact of Universal Credit on the low paid and benefits claimants and backed UNISON’s ...
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Women in HE must be equally safe from gender based violence

June Maguire
#stucwomen18 STUC Women’s Conference pledged action to end gender based violence on university campuses. It will promote and build on ...
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May 2012: The Coalition Government are apparently proposing to reduce current maternity leave. Click here for what you can do…

Supporting Palestinian Women – the STUC Womens Committee have completed a briefing and have developed a link with women in Gaza and Bethlehem (please click here for more details PDF)

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