Glasgow suspend equal pay strikes

UNISON will suspend all equal pay strikes today, after a deal has been struck with Glasgow City Council to settle the dispute.

UNISON lawyers will now enter legal discussions over the financial settlement of members equal pay claims. This will take time which is why action is suspended.

Glasgow City Council leader Susan Aitken wrote to the trade unions last night to say: “We remain committed to a settlement that has the same basis as the 2019 deal. We are targeting a payment in October. We know that this momentum needs to be kept up in the weeks and months ahead so that a settlement and payment can be made quickly. ‘

UNISON had previously suspended 29 and 30 March strikes after a last minute offer from Glasgow City Council and further talks. However UNISON had planned further strike action in April and May. These strikes are now all suspended as the unions, Glasgow City Council and lawyers from both sides agree a financial deal which will end equal pay injustice.

UNISON Glasgow City Branch has written to their members today (Wednesday 13 April) to say: “The industrial dispute objectives were to force the council to maintain the 2019 deal and agree to make further payments in an acceptable timescale. These objectives have been secured. As stated previously, these were only won because trade union members were prepared to take strike action. Well done again to all UNISON members and to our sister trade unions.

The strike action planned for 20/21 April will therefore not go ahead. However, the UNISON strike ballot remains “live” under current UK law and we will be closely monitoring the progress to deliver further payments as agreed by the Leader of the Council.”

UNISON’s Scottish secretary Tracey Dalling said: “This is fantastic news I want to congratulate every one of the women involved in this struggle to end pay injustice. Particularly UNISON’s hard working low paid women who have been resolute to the end. It is simply unacceptable that women were forced to take their fight all the way to the brink of strike action. However we now seem to have reached agreement, there is still hard work to do, but this is good news for everyone across Glasgow.”

Mandy McDowall, UNISON regional organiser for Glasgow said: “This agreement was only possible because UNISON members were prepared to take significant action to end pay injustice. All further industrial action is suspended in good faith as we are optimistic we can find a resolution. However, the dispute will remain live should legal discussions falter. UNISON members will not hesitate to strike again should we need to.”

Letter from Glasgow City Council is here

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