Influencers General Election 2024

Be part of UNISON Scotland’s influencers team to speak up for public services, jobs and fair pay.

We are producing short briefings on key areas of public services and cost of living during the General Election 2024 to support UNISON activists to campaign for change. Use these briefings to:

  • Talk to colleagues.
  • Promote key facts and statistics.
  • Campaign through social media.
  • Question candidates at hustings and on the doorstep.
  • Promote UNISON policies in your political parties.

Influencer briefings

Further information

  1. Reports and parliamentary submissions
  2. Briefings
  3. Press releases

UNISON regional manager Kay Sillars said: “Welcome to UNISON influencers. We hope you find these concise briefings – produced by UNISON Scotland campaigns team – helpful, and a good starting point for your local campaigning. 

We know that UNISON members are more likely to vote and our activists are likely to be  involved in influential campaigns. They need the facts and information to make a difference in your communities.

We are not here to tell you who to vote for. We need a change of government to one that believes in public services. The next government must invest in public services and those who to deliver them.

We hope these UNISON Scotland Influencers briefings help you in your campaigning work to protect public services one conversation at a time.”