UNISON Conference 2019

Conference reports from a Scotland perspective and where Scotland delegates are particularly involved will be posted here throughout the week of 18-21 June 2019. For other reports see the UK pages.

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Rakiya Suleiman

Our young people deserve hope and to live in a safe environment

UNISON vowed to work with politicians and local authorities to combat gun and knife crime, campaigning to highlight the root ...
Megan Doherty

Let’s be the union that is home to growing and developing our young activists

UNISON agreed to set a focus on regular and sustainable organising initiatives such as last year’s Grovember. Megan Doherty, Glasgow ...
Lilian Macer

Sectoral bargaining pulls the rug out from under privatisation

UNISON will work with others to help deliver the revival of collective bargaining across the economy. It will also see ...
Jim McFarlane

Review of Devolution Protocol will ensure unity in diversity

Conference backed Scotland's call for a review of the union's Devolution Protocol to take account of significant developments since it ...
Elaine Duffy

Brexit deal must protect Good Friday Agreement

Conference backed Northern Ireland in its call to campaign to protect the Good Friday Agreement in the context of the ...
Rosalind Ronan

Moving debate as Conference backs suicide awareness training for stewards

Conference backed a call to train stewards in suicide awareness after possibly the most emotive debate of conference so far ...
Lilian Macer

Solidarity with Cuba is vital and can bring success

The focus on humanitarian work will go on in Cuba as they celebrate 60 years of the revolution, Lilian Macer, ...
Inez Kirk

A once in a generation opportunity to curb corporate power

UNISON will work with global trade union confederation Public Services International to monitor the progress and build public awareness and ...