Responses and Submissions

B&C-logoResponses and submissions to consultations from the Scottish Parliament, the Scottish Government and other bodies, by the UNISON Scotland Bargaining and Campaigns Team


thumbnail of UNISON Response Right to Food Bill 09 2020

Proposed Right to Food (Scotland) Bill Sept 2020

UNISON strongly supports this proposed legislation which would  incorporate the right to food into Scots law. As we said in our submission to the Scottish Government’s 2019 Good Food Nation ... Read More
thumbnail of UNISON Scotland Evidence – HandS cttee future of Social care Feb 2020

Future of Social Care – Response to Health and Sport Committee call for views

By drawing on the frontline experience of UNISON members this submission seeks to reveal how various systemic problems undermine care quality and service user needs. To that extent UNISON believes ... Read More
thumbnail of LGandC Local Govt Finance Inquiry response.

Local Government & Communities Committee call for views on impact of Covid-19 on Council’s financial stability

Scotland's councils have had years of cuts and under funding. Now  the demands of tackling Covid-19 have thrown our Local Authorities  into an unprecedented crisis. Across Councils and their associated ... Read More
thumbnail of FINAL Green Recovery July 2020

Inquiry into a Green Recovery

Planning, direction and delivery by the public sector are essential for a green economic recovery. However councils and other public service organisations need the powers and the resources to enable ... Read More
thumbnail of UNISON Scotland evidence Social Care Staff Support Fund Regs

COvid-19 Committee – Inquiry into Social Care Support Fund Staff Regulations

The Scottish Parliament's Covid-19 Committee is examining the Social Care Staff Support Fund. This was set up because so many staff in care Homes had no access to decent sick ... Read More
thumbnail of FINAL WEBSITE Just Transition 30 June 2020

Response to the Just Transition Commission Interim Report June 2020

The Just Transition Commission published its Interim Report earlier this year. UNISON’s response to the Report stresses the need for urgent intervention, direction and control by national and local government ... Read More
thumbnail of Return to education response June 2020

Coronavirus Education Staff: Evidence re scrutiny of reopening of schools and ELC settings and associated issues

UNISON’s survey of education staff shows the vast majority are anxious about plans for more children to return to schools and nurseries. Before they return we need clear guidance about ... Read More
thumbnail of UNISON Scotland response Advisory group on economic recovery group 2020

Response to the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery call for views.

The Scottish Government's advisory group on economic recovery have asked for views on what steps will be necessary to help the country recover from the economic damage done by the ... Read More
thumbnail of UNISON Vulnerable children May 2020

Response: vulnerable children during the coronovirus pandemic May 2020

The pandemic is not a leveller. It has dramatically exposed pre-existing levels of social and economic inequality. The challenges are not new, but heightened versions of existing ones, exacerbated by ... Read More
thumbnail of UNISON Scotland Offshore Wind Response April 2020

Response: Scottish Government Draft Offshore Wind Policy Statement – April 2020

UNISON believes much greater government intervention is needed in offshore wind deployment, if we are to achieve the scale of developments needed, and with the urgency that is required, to ... Read More

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