Put NHS Pay Right 2022/23

Message from chair of UNISON Scotland Health Committee, Wilma Brown:

Our consultation on the 2022 pay offer for NHS Scotland staff has closed. Thank you to thousands of members, across every health board in Scotland who took the time to respond. Your voice matters. 

UNISON and other unions agreed that we will publish our results together other on Friday 12th August, once we have had time to analyse them.

All of the NHS Scotland unions who have members in Agenda for Change will share their ballot results and together we will notify government of the collective response from NHS workers.

As a UNISON member we will update you on the outcome of that meeting as soon as it is concluded. Please look out for an email update on Friday.

You can also find all the latest updates on this campaign webpage.  Thanks for taking the time to vote and thanks for everything you do for our NHS and our union.


UNISON’s Health consultative opened on Monday 11 July. UNISON members are being balloted on a final Scottish Government pay offer. Ballot closes 5pm Monday 8 August.

The ballot asks 2 questions:

  1. Do you want to accept or reject this pay offer?
  2. Are you willing to take industrial action up to and including strike action to get an improved pay offer?

UNISON recommends you vote REJECT and to indicate that you are willing to take strike action. However, even if you want to vote to ACCEPT, please vote. It is UNISON members who will decide.


You can only vote with your unique ballot

If you are a UNISON member, a health worker AND we have an up to date email for you, you will receive an unique ballot email with a voting link. You can only vote with this unique ballot email.

If you are a UNISON member and have not received ballot email please check your SPAM email folder. If its not there  – it’s because we do not have up to date email for you. If so, please call: 0800 0 857 857 and speak to UNISON direct who can help you.

Join UNISON before 26 July to vote.

If you are not a UNISON member you can still vote by joining before 26 July: joinunison.org

We will send you an email on 1 August. The ballot closes 5pm 8 August.

The Pay Offer from the Scottish Government

UNISON negotiators received a formal final offer from Scottish Government and NHS Employers on pay for 2022/23. Read the full offer here

It has 2 essential elements:

thumbnail of 07.07.22 NHS pay bands table showing with 5% uplift

  1. £10.50 pay floor (minimum rate) for NHS workers in Scotland
  2. 5% on all Agenda for Change pay grades, allowances and salaries.

UNISON, along with other health unions, asked for an above inflation pay award. We had also sought to look at other aspects of working in the NHS which have an impact on take home pay such as ensure banding outcomes reflect job content; reward additional hours fairly; prevent burnout by limiting excess hours; support progression and career development and encourage NHS Scotland employers to use recruitment & retention premia (RRP) to recruit and retain staff where shortages are a risk to staff wellbeing and quality of car

Why VOTE reject?

Your UNISON health committee is recommending you vote to REJECT the pay offer because:

  1. The offer is well below inflation, which is nearly 10%
  2. Highest paid staff will receive a rise worth £5,523 per year the lower paid will get £1,080. This is unfair.

We need a pay deal that fairly rewards all NHS staff. Everyone should be able to pay their bills without worrying.

Let’s send a strong message to government.

What if I have other questions?

thumbnail of 05.07.22 NHS pay ballot FAQsPlease read this FAQ sheet, which should help.

If you still have questions you can call your local UNISON health branch

UNISON local campaign action

Your local UNISON health branches will also be holding member meetings and local stewards will be coming to your workplaces to discuss pay offer and answer questions.

While UNISON is recommending you REJECT this pay deal. We genuinely need to hear your views.

Finally, your UNISON health committee – which is made up of your locally elected health activists from all UNISON NHS branches – are meeting regularly to discuss your feedback

Wilma Brown, Chair of Scottish Health Committee said: “The offer does not meet our claim and is significantly less that the current level of inflation.  Our members will want to know how some NHS staff can receive a rise worth £5,523 per year whist hard working domestics, porters, nursing assistants and others are only deemed to be worth £1,080 to help pay their bills.

In responding to the offer UNISON have made it clear to Government that our members will be angry and are likely to reject the offer. Having received the employers final offer, we will now consult with members and I would urge our members to look out for information and ballot papers in the next few weeks.”

What you can do to support the campaign

  1. Talk about pay with your colleagues
  2. Make sure your contact details are up to date – call 0800 0857 857
  3. Recruit friends and colleagues: https://join.unison.org.uk/
  4. Look out for your UNISON Ballot email and VOTE before 8 August.
  5. Contact your local branch and ask them how you can help our campaign to Put NHS Pay Right


Frequently Asked Questions

thumbnail of 05.07.22 NHS pay ballot FAQs

 Leaflets (A4 & A5 – 2 Page)

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Poster (A3 – one page)

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Cards (to hold up for social media photos)

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