Put NHS Pay Right 2022/23


Wilma Brown, chair of the health committee said: “After our meeting this afternoon UNISON has agreed to suspend its NHS strike ballot so we can consult NHS members over the Scottish government £2205 pay offer to all NHS staff.

“This is a final pay offer from the Scottish government, it is also significantly different from the previous offers, so we think it is right that NHS members decide whether they are willing to accept it. UNISON is a member led union, so members will decide. NHS staff are working through two crises: an NHS crisis and a cost-of-living crisis.

“This offer will go some way to helping them with the latter but we have a huge amount of work to do to get our NHS to be world class again, irrespective of the outcome of this consultation the Scottish government need to see this as the beginning of a journey back to full health for the NHS”

The new £2,205 flat rate offer came after UNISON negotiators, with other NHS unions, met with representatives from the Scottish government at the end of last week. NHS union, UNISON will ask members if they are willing to accept the latest pay offer from Scottish government in a consultative digital ballot early next week.

The Scottish government flat rate pay offer of £2,205 is to all NHS staff on Agenda for Change pay grades – effective from 1 April 2022

NHS PAY BALLOT – 3 to 31 October

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Message from chair of UNISON Scotland Health Committee, Wilma Brown:

The offer does not meet our claim and is significantly less that the current level of inflation.  Our members will want to know how some NHS staff can receive a rise worth £5,523 per year while hard working domestics, porters, nursing assistants and others are only deemed to be worth £1,080 to help pay their bills.

In responding to the offer UNISON have made it clear to the Scottish Government that our members will be angry. Having received the employers final offer, we will now consult with members and I would urge our members to look out for information and their ballot papers.”

Latest statement from Wilma Brown:

NHS strike ballot continues despite government talks

Why are we balloting on NHS pay?

UNISON NHS members who took part in the recent ‘consultative’ ballot on their pay voted by an overwhelming 91% to reject the Scottish Government’s pay offer with 83% saying they would take industrial action.

As a result, UNISON is now officially balloting our 55,000 NHS members across NHS Boards and private contractors in Scotland. Your ballot paper will arrive from October 3 – look out for your blue envelope in the post.

NHS staff worked flat out during the pandemic and were promised so much by politicians yet our domestics, caterers, porters and other low paid members are only worth an extra  £900 per year, nurses were offered less than £1500 whilst senior managers are offered more than £5000 in the same pay deal. So much for all staff being valued equally.

Your vote matters – look out for your blue envelope

The Tory’s Trade Union Act restricts unions and makes it more difficult for workers to withdraw their labour. We have to make sure we protect UNISON members on strike and our union. We must follow a series of procedures – but that doesn’t mean we are not campaigning and negotiating in between now and when you receive your ballot by October 3. Look out for your ballot paper which will arrive in a blue envelope.

We need your help

At this point our priority is getting our ballot ready and making sure that members know what’s happening. You can help by sharing information on our campaign to your friends and colleagues. It is vital we have your up-to-date information so make sure we have the correct home address, email, workplace and job title for you. You can do this by contacting:

UNISON Direct – Call on 0800 0 857 857 or online at www.unison.org.uk/get-help/online-enquiries/

Call your branch office – Find your branch details online at: branches.unison.org.uk

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What is the pay offer from the Scottish Government?

UNISON negotiators received a formal final offer from Scottish Government and NHS Employers on pay for 2022/23. Read the full offer here

thumbnail of 07.07.22 NHS pay bands table showing with 5% uplift

It has 2 essential elements:

  1. £10.50 pay floor (minimum rate) for NHS workers in Scotland
  2. 5% on all Agenda for Change pay grades, allowances and salaries.

UNISON, along with other health unions, asked for an above inflation pay award. We had also sought to look at other aspects of working in the NHS which have an impact on take home pay such as ensure banding outcomes reflect job content; reward additional hours fairly; prevent burnout by limiting excess hours; support progression and career development and encourage NHS Scotland employers to use recruitment & retention premia (RRP) to recruit and retain staff where shortages are a risk to staff wellbeing and quality of care.

Why VOTE ‘yes’ for strike action?

Your UNISON health committee is recommending you vote ‘yes’ for strike action because:

  1. The offer is well below inflation, which is over 10%
  2. Highest paid staff will receive a rise worth £5,523 per year the lower paid will get £1,080. This is unfair.

We need a pay deal that fairly rewards all NHS staff. Everyone should be able to pay their bills without worrying.

Let’s send a strong message to government.

The ballot asks one question:

  1. Are you prepared to take part in strike action?

UNISON recommends you vote YES to indicate that you are willing to take strike action. However, even if you want to vote to NO, please vote. It is UNISON members who will decide.

What if I have other questions?

Please read this FAQ sheet, which should help.


Ithumbnail of 24.08.22 Health pay ballot Q&A A4 (final)f you still have questions you can call your local UNISON health branch

Campaign resources

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Health workers gearing up for the NHS pay ballot

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