Radical social work webinar – towards a real national care service for Scotland


This webinar is part of a series held by UNISON Social work issues group. 

The proposal for a National Care Service in Scotland could offer an ambitious opportunity to bring social care back to the free publicly provided service envisioned in the post war period, and in the 1968 Social Work Scotland Act.

Since the Griffiths Reforms of the 1990s social care and social work have been forced into market models that have let down the users of services as well as the workforce. Meanwhile private social care providers have extracted massive profits that could have been used to invest in better services and the workforce.

Following on from the STUC “Profiting from Care” (June 2022), UNISON Scotland have recently published a report by APSE (Association for Public Service Excellence) which outlines a pathway for taking services back into public ownership and democratic control.


  • Mo Baines (APSE) – who stepped in for Andy Mudd, the main author of the report
  • Susan Galloway (UNISON) – trade union organiser who has worked to expose issues in the private sector
  • Kathy Jenkins (Common Weal Care Reform Group) – contributor to Common Weal’s output of policy papers critiquing government proposals and outlining a socialist vision
  • Chaired by stephen Smellie, UNISON Deputy Convenor.