UNISON Scotland Community SectorUNISON is the biggest trade union in the voluntary sector. UNISON has been campaigning for care staff across all sectors to get the living wage, training and time to care for their clients.

UNISON organises in many community and voluntary sector employers and you can get news and from five of them here – or from your local UNISON branch. See us also on facebook, twitter and Instagram

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UNISON Scotland’s Care Futures issue 1. Who will work for a National Care Service?

The National Care Service proposals being consulted on by the Scottish Government could impact on a wide range of sectors ... Read More

Cornerstone LCAST Survey 2019 Updated

Updated 9 October: See on the graphic for a copy of our LCAST Survey results for the three years 2017, ... Read More

UNISON application for statutory recognition accepted

In a major breakthrough in our union’s battle to force recognition in Cornerstone, UNISON has been told that our application ... Read More

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Latest documents

Violence at Work: A Survey of UNISON employers and Staff in Scotland 2016

thumbnail of ViolentAssaultsonPublicServiceStaff_UNISONScotlandFollowUpSurvey_Oct2015
Violent Assaults on Public Service Staff - UNISON Scotland Survey 2016 Since 2006, UNISON Scotland has carried out an annual ...

Briefing No: 74 Charity Sector

thumbnail of Policy briefing 74 – charity sector
Charities play a vital role in our society. However, if they are to recover public trust and the support of ...

Working Together; Progressive Workplace Policies In Scotland response

Working Together; Progressive Workplace Policies In Scotland response
We would certainly share in the aims for a labour market which is highly conducive to; "creating sustainable high quality ...

Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill response

Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill response
UNISON raised a range of concerns in our submission to the 2012 consultation on what was then called the Community ...

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