NHS band 5 nurse review

As part of the last years NHS pay deal, the Scottish government has agreed to review all band 5 nursing posts. Many nurses are working beyond the agreed level of a Band 5 registered practitioner. That process is about to go live on 17th June.

UNISON Scotland helped to develop a process which is consistent with the NHS job evaluation scheme, to make requests for reviews easier.

This page should give you everything you need to get started if you want to apply for a Band 5 nurse review. Also contact your local branch or NHS rep or more support.

NHS Scotland Band 5 Nursing Review will formally June 17th.

As a part of the agreed process, NHS employers should reach out to all band 5 nurses and sign post them to a recently developed online portal for applications.

UNISON has adapted some of the agreed national materials for your use. And our local branches are in discussions with your employer to ensure that the process is implemented as agreed at a local level.

Does this  only apply to Band 5 nurses?

The review only applies to existing band 5 nurses. Any individual who feels that they are working at a level which is higher that their current agreed band for the job, can apply within the existing job evaulation arrangements (New and Changed Job Process) for a review of their current band, where a significant change can be evidenced.

If you feel that your job is now more complex, requires a higher level of skill or knowledge please speak to your UNISON branch who can assist you using the existing policy.



thumbnail of Band 5 Newletter – June 24

Frequently asked questions

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Guidance for managers and employees

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Drafting template for re-evaluation                              

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Band 5 Nurse Review short presentation

Our health co-lead Matt McLaughlin explaining how the band 5 nurse review job evaluation works.