UNISON Activist Education

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Welcome to UNISON learning – online education programme for May to December 2022.

Download our: Online Course Application Form here

The courses available are Organising Stewards, Organising for Health & Safety and ERA Refresher which will all be tutored by UNISON Scotland staff and lay tutors via the Zoom platform, held in half day sessions. Members who register for these courses will receive a paper copy of the core materials and other course materials will be hosted online.

A fee of £12.50 per session will be charged to branches which covers the costs of providing the courses. Application form should be returned to activisteducationscotland@unison.co.uk either signed by a branch officer or forwarded with e-mail authorisation. Please speak to your branch for more details.

Branch Officer Training Weekend 2023 dates to be announced soon.

Branch Officer Training Weekend Application Form