B&C-logoLatest UNISON Scotland Briefings from the Bargaining and Campaigns Team. UNISON Scotland Briefings include Bargaining and Policy Briefings for branches on a wide range of policy and employment issues, e-briefings and Legal Updates and briefings for MSPs and MPs and others to represent UNISON policy where decisions are being made.

thumbnail of e-brief on infection control in education settings

Health Protection In Children and Young People Settings (including Education)

Public Health Scotland (PHS) has published health protection guidance for children and young people settings, including education. The impact of poor infection controls leading to illness among staff has been a ... Read More
thumbnail of e-brief Investing in Planning April 24

Investing in Planning – seeking input from members in planning departments

Scottish Government consultation on resourcing Scotland’s planning system - feedback invited to inform UNISON response The Scottish Government is consulting on proposals for “an efficient, effective and well-resourced planning system.” ... Read More
thumbnail of UNISON Submission Ending Conversion Practices For Web Mar 2024

Ending Conversion Practices Consultation UNISON Submission

This is our response to the Scottish Government's consultation on a proposed Bill outlawing conversion practices ( often called 'conversion therapy'). The proposal by Scottish Government will make it an ... Read More
thumbnail of Briefing 142 Local Gov Funding Settlement March 24

Briefing 142 Local Government Funding Settlement 2024-25

This briefing is on the Local Government Funding Settlement for 2024-25. It includes details of every council's financial allocation. Local government funding is in crisis. Urgent council tax reform is ... Read More
thumbnail of Post Stage One NCS Bill Briefing 141 (2)

Briefing 141 – National Care Service Bill Update

The General Principles of the National Care Service Bill were approved by Parliament on 29 February. This briefing summarises where things stand and what happens next ... Read More
thumbnail of UNISON NCS Bill Stage 1 MSP Briefing

MSP Briefing – National Care Service (Scotland) Bill Stage 1 vote

UNISON has urged MSPs not to vote for the National Care Service (Scotland) Bill. The Scottish people have a right to expect that their parliament will operate to the highest ... Read More
thumbnail of Policy Briefing 140 Revised NSWA Feb 2024

Briefing 140 – National Social Work Agency Update

This briefing sets out the current proposals for a National Social Work Agency. These plans are still under discussion and may be subject to further change. The briefing highlights work ... Read More
thumbnail of Policy Briefing 139 Revised NCS Jan 2024

Briefing 139 – National Care Service: Revised Government Plans

The Scottish Government has radically revised its plans for a National Care Service.   This follows negotiations with COSLA and the NHS over the summer of 2023. The new plans were ... Read More
thumbnail of Briefing 138 Local Gov Finance – Council Funding Allocations

Briefing 138: Local Government 24-25 Finance: Council Funding Allocations

This briefing looks at local government finances, focusing on the provisional funding allocations to Scottish councils for 2024/25 and the overall context of a serious crisis and the need for ... Read More
thumbnail of Scottish budget 2024 25 briefing

Briefing 137: Draft Scottish Budget 2024-25

The Scottish Government published their draft budget for 2024-25 in December. This briefing looks at the main features and implications for public services ... Read More

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