Equal Pay Glasgow

Glasgow equal payThousands of women across Glasgow demanded Glasgow City Council resolve the long-standing equal pay dispute – the largest of its kind since the Equal Pay Act was introduced – and won.

Home carers, caterers, cleaners, school workers and other council staff brought Glasgow to a standstill on 23 and 24 October as they took part in a 48-hour strike.

Together we have taken the fight to the courts and to the streets and we will continue to fight until each and every one of our members gets the equal pay they have earned and deserve.

Lyn Marie picks up TUC organising award for Glasgow women

TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady presents Lyn Marie with the award
Lyn Marie O'Hara of UNISON City of Glasgow has won the TUC Organising Award for the work done by her and her sisters in the branch organising the Equal Pay ... Read More

Glasgow Women’s Strike: When women come together and take action, we win

Lyn Marie O’Hara - Glasgow striker
#stuc19 Commending around 8,500 Glasgow City workers, predominantly low paid women, who took part in the Glasgow Women’s Strike on 23 and 24 October last year demanding equal pay, and ... Read More

End of year video of award winning campaign

Glasgow Award
The video, among other great initiatives that won the Glasgow women the best campaign and Chris Bartter award for creativity in the UNISON Scotland Communications Awards in February 2019 ... Read More

Equal pay update – January 2019

thumbnail of 20190128 Equal pay update
A list of frequently asked questions on the proposed deal for UNISON members with Glasgow City Council equal pay claims ... Read More

We are the women who stand together – and we make Glasgow

Sylvia Haughney
#stucwomen18  Equal pay strikers, UNISON’s Sylvia Haughney and the GMB’s Shona Thomson, got the STUC Women’s Conference rocking with great speeches on the Glasgow equal pay campaign and strike. The ... Read More

UNISON provides ‘equality audit’ of Glasgow City Council – equal pay

thumbnail of Glasgow – Equal Pay Audit
All councils have a duty to deliver pay equality for women and men. Councils must also report on equality commitments under the Best Value rules checked by Audit Scotland. The ... Read More

Busting the myths around Glasgow equal pay strikes

thumbnail of Glasgow Equal Pay Strike Myths and Reality – Mini version
Thousands of Glasgow's women took to the streets of Glasgow in the largest dispute of its kind since the Equal Pay Act was introduced. Here are some key FACTS to ... Read More

Thousands of Glasgow’s women march for equal pay

Press Release
Thousands of Glasgow’s women took to the streets today (Tuesday) to demand Glasgow City Council resolve the long-standing pay injustice. Around 10,000 home carers, cleaners, caterers, school workers and other ... Read More