Additional Support Needs

thumbnail of Additional Support for Learning further evidence February 2019This is the latest evidence from UNISON regarding the  Scottish parliament Education Committee’s  follow up on its enquiry into support for pupils with Additional Support Needs (ASN).

The needs of children and young people with ASN are not being fully met in our schools and early years settings. There is an urgent need take action to ensure that we are Getting It Right For Every Child. There needs to be substantial investment in a range of different staff to support children in mainstream education and specialist schools for those children that need it. This means staff who can identify pupils’ additional support needs, for example educational psychologists, counselors, school nurses and social workers. We also need staff in place to provide appropriate support, this includes specialist teachers, specialist support staff, mental health workers, counselors, speech and language therapists, social workers, youth workers and medical staff to meet the healthcare needs of pupils.  Funding is required for training and ongoing professional development for all staff.