Borders Council reverses decision to cut 100 local jobs after UNISON campaign

Thursday 26 March 2015

UNISON, Scotland’s biggest public services union, has welcomed the decision by Scottish Borders Council to rethink their proposal to outsource the Scottish Borders ICT department, saving up to 100 local jobs. UNISON has been campaigning against the proposal to outsource these jobs to the central belt since they heard about it a few weeks ago.

UNISON members have been urging Scottish Borders Council management to work with UNISON Scottish Borders public services branch, to carry out an assessment of the council’s ICT workforce skills and the council’s ICT needs.  UNISON is pleased that a thorough staff-centred review will now begin and joint recommendations will be taken to elected members in October 2015.

Campbell Hogarth, UNISON conditions of service officer said, ‘There is a lot of hard work still to do but this is a big positive step for our ICT members to bring management and workers together. If they haven’t already, we would urge all council staff to join UNISON so we can work through these problems together. ‘

‘UNISON members are clear that we have the skills Scottish Borders Council need to deliver an excellent service that serves local people. We have said to management that we will work with them to find a solution that can keep jobs in the borders and ensure that the council get the ICT services they need. We need to start by matching the needs of the council with the skills of what we have here in Scottish Borders Council. We look forward to open and constructive dialogue over the next few months.


Notes for editors

  • UNISON is the largest public services trade union in Europe. We are the largest trade union in Scotland and the biggest trade union in Scottish local government.
  • A few weeks ago UNISON Scotland learned that 100 Scottish Borders Council jobs were under threat in proposals to privatise the councils ICT department and re-deploy 100 jobs to a private company outside the Borders area.  A UNISON statement was released on 16 March 2015
  • The proposals were due to be put to the elected representatives on 2 April 2015. It has now been agreed that a joint review will be carried out and further recommendations made in October 2015

For further information contact:

  • Campbell Hogarth UNISON Scottish borders public services branch, 07538046792
  • Janet Stewart UNISON regional organiser, 07958 121120