Brazil blog: Descalvado field trip and thanks

From Kaila: Friday 23rd June, last day in Araraquara. Field trip to Descalvado. This settlement started in 1998, there are 42 families settled here.

We met with the members of the Association of farmers and family farmers of the Agrarian Community settlement project.

Woman have been key to the success of this community and have proven to be the strongest part of the community, building a high level of gender equality.

DescalvadoThe land here is 100% organic, growing a large variety of vegetables and fruits. They produce Jams, Jellies, Sweets, salads, fruits, vegetables and coffee to sell. This is a thriving productive community.

We were cooked the most fantastic lunch, with all the food being grown within the settlement.

This settlement is a credit to Brazil and the Organic food production.

Larissa gave her presentation on the devastating effects of the ever increasing pesticides/Agri Toxins being used in Brazil to grow sugar cane and eucalyptus plantations. Many of these crops being exported across Europe.

Louise and I would like to thank everyone who has supported us in the trip, from our own UNISON Branches at home, to the lovely FERAESP union in Brazil.

Along with the Universites of São Paulo and Strathclyde. This project is dedicated to building sustainable rural communities in Brazil and Scotland and we feel privileged to now be a part of this.

Thank you UNISON Scotland for helping us make this possible. We look forward to building strong links and helping to contribute to this project in a positive way.

We need to especially extend our thanks and appreciation to Titto who has looked after us during the whole of our field trip!

Thank you all, may this be the beginning of a long and lasting relationship.


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