Briefing 132 – Housing and the Cost of Living Crisis

thumbnail of Housing cost of living Briefing 2023Rising housing costs are driving people into poverty. This briefing presents the findings of new research, based on a survey of UNISON members.

Mortgage rate increases are putting many public service workers under pressure, but it is those living in private rented homes who are being hit hardest by rising costs. Younger people, Black workers and low income families with children are amongst those most affected.

In Scotland, new-let rents in the private rented sector rose by 15.8% in the year to June 2023.

1 in 4 UNISON members renting privately say they are struggling to pay their rent. A third of members who rent privately say they spend 60% of their income on housing.  This briefing looks at the impact this is having and the action UNISON is calling for.