Campaigning – Assessing your campaign

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Campaigning – Assessing your campaign

Identify your specific campaign issues and check against the checklist below.  Use a table like the one below to score issues and note problems which can be addressed.

CAMPAIGN Issue: Issue matches?
score out of 10
Can we address any problems?
Have a good chance of success


Be widely felt


Be deeply felt


Be an issue which can involve members and recruit potential members


Be worth the effort and time it will take


Be easily understood


Be consistent with union’s values and objectives


Checklist for a Good Campaign Issue

A good campaign issue should match as many as possible of these points:

      • Have a good chance of success
        The problem must not be so large and insurmountable that there will be no successes to report at the end of the campaign.
      • Be widely felt
        The issue must be relevant to the great majority of members and potential members and there must be widespread agreement about the solution proposed.
      • Be deeply felt
        The issue must be something that people feel very strongly about.
      • Be an issue which can involve members and potential members
        Members and potential members should feel that they and not outsiders have won the campaign.
      • Be worth the effort
        Members should feel it is an issue that is worth their time and effort. If the issue is not so important but requires enormous time and commitment it might not be worth the effort.
      • Be easily understood
        The issue can be expressed simply, so that it can convince members and potential members
      • Be consistent with UNISON’s values, priorities and strategic plans
        The issue must be consistent with UNISON’s values and reflect our priorities and plans.

Page updated: 2 March 2015