Public Works Toolkit

Public WorksPublic Works is the UNISON Scotland campaign for services, jobs, fair taxation and a Living Wage… and against austerity. This toolkit provides branches with campaign resources to save our public services from the cuts driven by an austerity that is a political choice not an economic necessity

The fight back starts here

UNISON branches are faced with cuts in funding across public services, made worse in local government by artificial restraints on resources through the impact of ten years of a regressive Council Tax freeze.

UNISON is fighting back – with a twin-tracked campaign at Scottish and branch level engaging user groups and communities to lead successful opposition to cuts.


Issues in the campaign

Toolkit contents

Public services at risk
Our vital public services are at risk from austerity economics. Read more here… check out our interactive cartoon… and join the fight for public services >>>
Manifesto 2015
Click here for pdf of the UNISON Scotland General Election Manifesto 2015 >>>
A day in the life
What have Public Services ever done for us?
Our public services are the most efficient way to deliver the things we need.
We all depend on public services and the people who provide them every day
A Day in the Life (pdf)
A Day in the Life (web pages)
Campaigning against cuts

Budgets and cuts

Selected briefings from Bargaining and Campaigns Team – see more on Briefings page

Guidance for branches

Public sector pensions – key facts, challenging the myths

Recruitment – (to be added)

Keep UNISON informed – Cuts Impact Assessment form 2015
For branches to provide information about cuts to jobs and service so we can target our campaigning (NB Word document – right clickto download – around 1MB)