Climate Hazards in the Workplace – Free online training, Wed 3 May 12noon-2pm

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Climate Hazards & Resilience in the Workplace – practical training for trade unionists – Wed 3 May 12noon-2pm

Learn how to protect workers from climate change impacts like floods and extreme weather.

What impact is climate change having already at your work? This free online STUC training session walks you through brilliant resources to tackle Climate Hazards in every kind of workplace.

Full details in pdf above and/or by registering here. And please share the link and help us spread the word to all trade unionists who might be interested.

The interactive workshop session is organised by the STUC, UNISON Scotland and Adaptation Scotland.

The COVID pandemic showed how important it is to prepare for emerging threats – and that too often already vulnerable groups, including low paid workers, are hit first and hardest.

Come and learn how to use the excellent Climate Hazards & Resilience in the Workplace handbook and workbook developed by the STUC, UNISON Scotland and Adaptation Scotland. The resources have been designed:

  • To protect workers from both today’s extremes and the worsening impacts of climate change,
  • To help you to build up skills in identifying climate hazards and increasing resilience, before the worst of the climate crisis hits.
  • To help you champion climate change adaptation solutions which also tackle inequality and social justice.

A range of experienced trade union speakers will talk you through how they have used the resources in their branches and workplaces. Hear also from the STUC and Scottish Hazards and have your questions answered.

If you missed the handbook and workbook launch video, it and all the resources are online here.

All trade unionists welcome. You might be a green/environment rep, a health and safety or other rep, or an interested member. Come and find out how to take action on workplace adaptation and climate resilience.