CORONAVIRUS: FM replies to request for action on poverty and inequality

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FM reply to letter of 13 May 2020

The First Minister has replied to UNISON Scotland and over 100 charities faith groups, academics, think tanks, poverty campaigners and trade unions calling who wrote to her on the 13 May asking for a direct financial boost for all families living on low incomes to support them through the coronavirus crisis.

The original letter to the First Minister set out a rage of options. The groups urge the First Minster to use “every tool at your government’s disposal to deliver an emergency package of financial support to all low income families”.

The First Minister states that: ‘this is the most difficult situation that many of us have faced in our lifetimes and these challenges will so often be few most acutely by those with the least.

She confirmed the delivery of the a Scottish Child payment as a priority. She also states: “we remain resolute in our commitment to eradicate child poverty – this crisis has further highlighted the damages that the inequalities in our society cause”.

Signatories to the letter of the 13 May include the STUC, Scottish Women’s Aid, Scottish Association for Mental Health, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, IPPR, Barnardo’s, Poverty Alliance, Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland and One Parent Families Scotland. They say that a payment equivalent to at least £10 per week per child is needed to provide families “a lifeline now to help them weather the storm.”

More details can also be found at the CPAG website