CORONAVIRUS HEALTH STAFF: Joint statement on expanding the nursing and midwifery workforce

thumbnail of joint-statement-on-expanding-the-nursing-and-midwifery-workforce-in-the-covid-19-pandemic (2)Heath staff; This is a joint statement by employers, trade unions and the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) on expanding the workforce during the crisis.

The four groups of Covid-19 temporary registrants will now be as follows:

1. Nurses and midwives who left the register within the last three years (already invited to join the temporary register).
2. Overseas applicants, including both nurses and midwives, who have completed all parts of their NMC registration process except the final clinical examination (OSCE).
3. Nurses and midwives who have left the register within the last four and five years. This may include those who have left the register up to five years ago who have started but not completed Return to Practice programmes.
4. Nursing students on NMC approved pre-registration programmes who are expected to qualify in the next 6 months. (This group was identified in the first statement but the decision to open up the register to them has not yet been agreed by the signatories of this statement.)