Coronavirus Health Staff: Re-mobilise, Recover, Re-design: Framework for NHS Scotland

thumbnail of re-mobilise-recover-re-design-framework-nhs-scotlandHealth Staff: The Scottish Government has published a framework to support the reopening of NHS  services.  They have set out a four stage recovery plan for all of Scotland and this paper focuses on NHS services. We are currently in stage one. The paper lays out what is expected to happen at each stage in the NHS. Moving through stages is dependent on on the success of measures in each stage so there are no firm date regarding a move to stage 2.


The key principles outlined in the paper are

  • Services that can resume most safely
  • Achieving greater integration
  • Quality values and experience
  • Services close to people’s home
  • Improved population health
  • Services that promote equality
  • Sustainability

This is a short and easy to read document. The issues will become clearer as we move from principles to the detail of implementation.