CORONAVIRUS HEALTH STAFF: update on testing guidance for health and social care staff

thumbnail of Guidance for NHS Boards v2 – 24 Apr 2020Health Staff: New guidance has been issued to health boards about testing staff for COVID-19. The testing is to enable staff to return to work safely. This supersedes the guidance from March 24th.  Scottish Government priorities:

              • Directing our testing capacity effectively to save lives and protect the vulnerable
              • Ensuring that critical staff can return to work as soon as possible
              • Monitoring and reporting on the spread and prevalence of the virus in the population and the impact or public health measures. (surveillance)

A clear focus is to reduce lost working days by ensuring that those who are well can be at work without risking their own health or increasing spread of the virus.

Guidance for employers and a FAQ about the priorities of key workers for the UK Testing programme has been published on the Scottish Government website – links here and here