CORONAVIRUS HEALTH STAFF: Principles for Mental Health services

thumbnail of Covid-19 – Principles for Mental Health – 01 05 20Heath staff: The Scottish government has written to NHS Board Chairs and Chief Executives, IJB Chief Officers, Local Authority Chief Executives and Local Mental Health Services Leads outlining the principles for mental health services . The key points concerning staff are :

              • As employers NHS Boards and local authorities will wish to both optimise public mental health and safeguard the wellbeing and resilience of staff at this time.
              • Employers will already have local arrangements in place to support staff wellbeing. It is vital that these support structures are updated in the context of Covid.
              • Employers should also be signposting colleagues to support they can access, including through trade unions and professional bodies.
              • We ask that mutual aid approaches are taken across health and social care services in order to ensure equity of access.
              • It will also be important to be transparent about what and how support is being provided, if fast track pathways for staff are provided to mental health/wellbeing support, this should be articulated openly within the context of decision making about available Mental Health and wellbeing support for both the public and staff.
              • The Minister for Mental Health has a specific remit within Scottish Government for health and social care workforce wellbeing; organisational wellbeing champions have been identified via NHS Chief Executives, IJB Chief Officers and Local Authority Chief Executives to support this agenda.