Courts Reform (Scotland) Bill response

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This response is by UNISON Scotland, the largest public sector trade union in Scotland with 160,000 members. UNISON members work in the health service, local government, police and fire services, national regulatory bodies and the community and voluntary sector.

The provision of a legal service has always been a key and core benefit of trade union membership. We recognise that accidents, injury and disease impact not only upon our members who are injured but also their families. We recognise that obtaining redress for members who suffer workplace accidents, injury or disease is vitally important for the individual but also serves an essential role in terms of wider workplace health and safety. Our experience shows that bringing claims for workplace accidents, injury and disease can and does have a positive impact upon workplace safety. Accordingly the civil justice system and access to civil justice are key concerns for us and for all of our members.

We accept that civil court reform is necessary and have engaged fully with the process from the outset when the original civil court review was chaired by Lord Gill. However, the current drafting of the Bill will do more damage than good…

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