UNISON Scotland Cuba delegation

Lilian Macer (left) at CENESEX, the organisation promoting LGBT rights in Cuba

UNISON Scotland Convener Lilian Macer and Sam Macartney, co-chair of our International Committee, are on a UNISON delegation to Cuba. The delegation from the NEC International Committee is the first national delegation in many years and has been organised with the Cuba Solidarity Campaign.

It comes ahead of next year’s 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution and the 80th anniversary of the Cuban TUC (CTC – Central de Trabajadores de Cuba).

The UNISON delegation will be meeting up with the CTC, our sister unions SNTS (health) and SNTAP (public administration) and the Cuban Federation of Women.

Sam and Lilian will provide a full report on their return and in the meantime will send occasional blog reports and photos from their visit (see below). The itinerary includes workplace visits to hospitals, polyclinics, schools and local government offices in both Havana and the Pinar del Rio region.

Report from the Cuban Delegation

thumbnail of Report from the Cuban Delegation
Read the report from the Cuban Delegation, written by Lilian Macer, Convener ...

Meeting with Cuban trade unions (and cigars) marks end of visit

Lilian Macer (left) meeting CTC members
The delegation met with members of the SNTAP, UNISON's sister public administration union and the Workers Central Union of Cuba ...

Pinar del Rio doctors working locally and internationally

Cuban doctors
In this area of Pinar del Rio young doctors train and then go on the missions from Cuba to all ...

Visit to Latin American School of Medicine

 Latin American school of medicine
The work carried out by ELAM, the Latin American School of Medicine, is incredible. They provide medical training throughout Latin ...

Imports and exports and the blockade

Representaciones Platino
This was one of our most important meetings at Representaciones Platino. This body negotiates on behalf of Cuba to supply ...

Meeting with the women’s federation of Cuba

A woman activist during the revolution
Women’s rights are well advanced in Cuba as all workers are paid the same. The women’s movement gets involved at ...

Education: Cuba has 98% literacy

Junior high school Havana
Our first introduction to the Cuban education system is a junior high school in Havana. The level at which these ...

Meeting Cuban public service unions

Cuban trade unions
UNISON delegates met with Cuba's joint trade unions in health (SNTAP) public administration union (SNTS) the health workers union (CTC) ...

CENESEX promoting LGBT rights in Cuba

CENESEX, the National Centre for Sex Education (Spanish: Centro Nacional de Educación Sexual) is a government-funded body in Cuba,  best ...

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