Cuban trade unionists visit UNISON

As part of the 60 years celebration of Cuba UNISON Scotland hosted Yelena Gomez & Yuniel Espinosa Reyes two young Cubans trade unionists on a fact finding visit to Scotland. They visited trade unions across Scotland, learning about our work and how we organise.

We gave them a tour of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital so they could see how health care is delivered in Scotland and how health workers organise. The visit included seeing the robots in action, something they had never seen before – which they said ‘was like being in a sci-fi film’.

The STUC Youth Committee hosted a round table discussion at the STUC, followed by an event alongside the Scottish Cuba Solidarity Brigade. There was a great turn out, particularly of past and present young members, and our guests enjoyed regaling everyone about their meeting with the robots.

After the work, Wendy Hudson from UNISON also took them on a trip to the Riverside museum , as they were both interested in the history of ship building on the Clyde. They took pictures by the tall ship and enjoyed the views along the Clyde. They also noted that a number of the cars, motorbikes in the museum, are still in use in Cuba.

We presented them with Quaich’s engraved with their names and a message of solidarity from UNISON.

Wendy Hudson said: “It’s great to meet trade unionists from other countries there is so much we can learn from each other. And I was honoured to play a role in the 60 years celebration of Cuba. We have great links with trade unions in Cuba and we work closely with the Cuba solidarity campaign. If you have not visited the country please go, its amazing.”

Wendy and UNISON young members who met Yelena Gomez & Yuniel Espinosa Reyes on their delegation to Cuba. UNISON young members who were delegates on the May Day Youth brigade in 2015, 2016 & 2017. Wendy Hudson, Jenni Gunn, Bernadette Lafferty, Yelena Gomez, Simon Stuart, Yuniel Espinosa Reyes, Andrew Crosbie, and David Fernie.