Defend EU migrants’ rights: Sign the Petition

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Figures suggest that at least 2 million EU nationals have not applied for settled status yet. In order to be given settled status, migrants have to prove they have lived in the UK for at least five years.

To make matters worse, the Home Office has brought forward the deadline for applications from 30 June 2021 to 31 December 2020.

This is the perfect recipe for a repetition of the Windrush generation scandal.

Legislation should be passed to guarantee the legal status of all EU migrants who live here.

At a minimum the government must:

  • Scrap the 5 year cap – every EU national resident in the UK should preserve all their current rights.
  • The original deadline advertised by the Home Office to apply for settled status be re-established.
  • Provide real guarantees that the situation of EU nationals living in Britain will not be affected in the event of a no-deal Brexit.