Defending wages and services is how to tackle the crisis

Lilian Macer, UNISON Scotland convener writes in the today’s Morning Star to remind us that public services support people living through the cost of living crisis, they are not the cause of it. This crisis is the consequence of putting private greed ahead of public need.

 “It’s important that we remember that — and say it loudly in the months ahead as we defend living standards for the people the country really needs. Unison members aren’t the cause of inflation — they are the victims of inflation.

It’s not just that many of our members are modestly paid and will be feeling the financial heat now, and worrying about where the heat for their homes will come from this winter.

It’s also that that the Tories won’t waste this opportunity to continue their endless war on public provision. They will claim that pay cuts are needed to tackle inflation and insist that services are something that the country can’t afford. It’s all nonsense though.

What we are calling a cost-of-living crisis is a consequence of putting private greed ahead of public need.” – Lilian Macer, convener UNISON Scotland