Education Recovery Programme May 2020

thumbnail of Education Recovery e-brief May 2020The Scottish government has indicated that schools will return on August 11th. Some staff are also currently working in hubs. There also appears to be an expectation that early learning and childcare provision will continue and indeed scale up over the summer. There is little published detail or guidance as yet on the education recovery process as most of this will be done at authority and school level. This is expected very soon. There is a commitment that there is a commitment that Councils and head Teachers will work in close partnership with trace unions and UNISON will lead that work.

UNISON is involved in a range of strategic groups with the Scottish Government and COSLA as they plan the easing of lockdown. Our aim in these groups is to ensure the safety of staff who are currently working and other workers as they return to workplaces in the coming weeks and months. As part of this ongoing work UNISON has undertaken a survey of members working in education. Details here