End pay erosion in the public sector

Barbara Fulton
Barbara Fulton

#stucwomen18  64% of low paid workers in Scotland are women and 40% work part-time, mainly in cleaning, caring, catering, clerical and retail work.

The erosion of public sector pay through pay freezes and the 1% pay cap has hit these women particularly hard, and delegates backed a PCS call to continue to campaign for decent work and fair pay for all.

This will include STUC support for affiliates fighting for restorative pay rises and the co-ordination of campaigns and collective action, including industrial action, to end public sector pay restraint.

Supporting, UNISON’s Barbara Fulton told delegates that the old saying that hard work pays has turned out not to be true, especially for women.

She spoke of UNISON Scotland’s current consultative ballot of local government members recommending a rejection of a pay offer made without negotiation or agreement on the principle of parity with other local government workers.

“The employers have failed to address the 15% losses in pay suffered since 2010 by our members who deliver our public services,” said Barbara, adding that once the ballot ends on 7th November we will decide on future action.

“But sisters we have to stand together to support our low paid members, many of whom have to take on different part-time jobs and zero hours contracts to make ends meet.” Yet still many of them end up having to depend on foodbanks by the end of the month to feed their families.

“How shocking is this?” asked Barbara.

“We all deserve to be paid fairly,” said Barbara. “Mrs May, the dancing queen, says austerity has ended – well Mrs May, as the saying goes, put your money where your mouth is and put it in our pay where it matters most.”

More information can be found at https://www.facebook.com/STUCWomen/

And the STUC website http://www.stuc.org.uk/about/equalities/women

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