Energy Support Fund applications now closed. Phase 2 opens 16 Nov.

UPDATE 6 Oct: The first phase has now closed. 

Phase Two of the fund will open on 16 November. Applications will be submitted online. The Energy Support Fund is a one-off payment of £200 and is non-repayable.

We will be launching our Winter Fuel Grant in January. 

UNISON Welfare’s Energy Support Fund is now open to help members with rising fuel costs.

Please be advised that phase 1 will be closed once the first  2000 applications have been received. The Energy Support Fund will be a one-off payment of £200 and is non-repayable.  

To apply online, check here on the UK website that you meet all the criteria. If you do, complete the application form which is on the same link.

If you do not meet those criteria, please do not apply. We will be launching a second phase of this in November;  which will target members on low incomes and in receipt of means-tested benefits.