FE Activist Bulletin No.1 – 2016 Pay Campaign

thumbnail of 18.08.16 FE Q&AThis is the first edition of UNISON Scotland, Further Education, Activist Bulletin for the 2016 Pay Campaign.

Please print and use. It provides answers to some of those frequent but difficult questions you will get from UNISON members about planned strike action. It will help you give UNISON members the information they need.

This dispute is about justice and fairness. Lecturing staff were awarded £400 flat rate pay increase. Support staff were only offered £230.

UNISON members voted in a consultative ballot to reject the Employers Pay offer of £230 for all Support Staff. Although the Employers then moved to change that offer to £400 to those earning under £22k and £230 to those earning more, UNISON members have voted overwhelmingly to reject that too and to move to take industrial action.

It’s simple. UNISON think support staff should be treated the same as other college staff – you work for the same employer; provide a professional service to the same student body; are equally qualified in your roles.