Final Election Briefing

thumbnail of Influencers one week to goWe have less than one week to go to the Scottish Parliament elections. That’s one final week to make an impact.

UNISON members deliver the services that are essential for a decent society – and in many cases life itself. They do so in a time when the pressures upon them are increasing – demand is rising, budgets are being cut.

We must do all we can to ask questions of those who seek our votes. We need to continue to ask what they are going to do to protect and improve public services, for those who use them and those who provide them?

UNISON has produced manifestos and reports to assist activists campaigning for public services. Our manisfestos have include key questions for all party candidates and use in your local campaigns.

Questions for UNISON activists to ask all party candidates in the election – including ‘infographics’ for use in social media – can be found here:

With less than a week to go we must encourage UNISON members to engage with the election. Many people will be making up their minds in this final week.

UNISON manifestos and reports include: Impact of Austerity on Scotland, UNISON Election Manifesto 2016, Public services and sustainable Scotland, Health inequalities, Social care, Local government funding and Childcare. They can all be found here: