Glasgow Equal Pay Strike – Message from Dave Prentis

On behalf of our whole union and our 1.3 million members, I want to share our
solidarity with Glasgow City branch and the thousands of women who are taking strike action to win the equal pay they have been denied for too long.

For twelve years you have fought for equal pay, and yet throughout Glasgow City
Council have dragged their heels and failed to pay these incredible public service
workers the wage they deserve.

Together in UNISON, we have taken the fight to the courts and to the streets.
Councillors have come and gone, but our demands for equal pay have remained the

The branch’s dedication to the cause of your members has been incredible, and it’s
been matched by the incredible strength shown by those taking action this week.
Unwavering commitment to fighting for decent pay is at the heart of our union and
our movement – this strike action and this dispute encapsulate that, and show how
we can organise and move people on the basis of fighting for what is right.

The time for weasel words is over – the time for fair pay is now.

Our whole union stands alongside you in your fight for justice, as we always have –
and we will be with you until all UNISON members are paid what they are owed.

In solidarity

Dave Prentis
General Secretary, UNISON