Health Pay Campaign Update: UNISON Health committee to meet to discuss industrial action

UNISON has written to the Cabinet Secretary for Health. The letter outlines our disappointment over her failure to respond to our letters regarding pay.  We will now be discussing a consultative ballot for industrial action at a meeting on Tuesday. Whilst we accept that his has been a difficult couple of weeks for the cabinet secretary, with the latest COVID issues, we are extremely disappointed at her failure to respond.

thumbnail of Cabinet Secretary Letter 16102020 (2)Health staff have also had an extremely difficult time and continue to give their all during this crisis. They need the cabinet secretary to back up her warm words with action. The position is not helped by MP’s getting awarded a pay rise of £3,300.00 whilst our members struggle day by day while provide first class services.

Clapping will not pay their bills. Our members cannot wait any longer the cabinet secretary needs to act to prevent any industrial action taking place.