Help Make It Happen! – Scotland’s Mandela Statue

UNISON Scotland is a strong supporter of the Nelson Mandela Scottish Memorial Foundation.

The Foundation is looking to raise £20,000 in a ‘final push’ Crowdfunder appeal for a wonderful statue planned for Nelson Mandela Place in Glasgow. Details here:


UNISON Scotland’s International Committee is pleased to encourage support and the donations needed.

Do go to check out the information on the crowdfunder page above and please share the link widely. You can read all about the advanced plans for the statue, see an ‘imagined’ artist’s impression of it in place, and find out about ‘reward’ items for certain levels of donation, including badges, cards, posters etc. There is a video from Billy Connolly on the page as well as endorsements and pledges of support from key figures and some very special photographs.

Brian Filling, Chair of the NMSMF, said, “A permanent memorial to Nelson Mandela in Scotland will remind Scots and visitors of the proud history of solidarity with the struggle against apartheid and will also educate future generations on the need to stand up against racism and injustice whenever and wherever it rears its ugly head.

“That history of solidarity saw huge support from Scotland and its anti-apartheid movement with practical help, boycotts, campaigning, a year-long picket of the South African Consulate, the renaming of the consulate’s address as Nelson Mandela Place, and the 30,000 strong launch of the Freedom March from Glasgow Green to London.

“We are within sight of creating the statue thanks to the support of many individuals and organisations and with this final push we will make it a reality.”

The Foundation has already raised some £130,000 towards the cost of the £150,000 statue.

Brian said that, as we remember Mandela’s lifetime of struggle and service, and his visit to Glasgow in October 1993, “this Black History Month seems a very fitting occasion to run the Crowdfunding campaign.”

Further information also on the NMSMF website