Is delivering FOI part of your work? Take part in our survey of UNISON members in FOI!

FoI SurveyAre you a member of UNISON working in FOI in Scotland?

UNISON Scotland is carrying out a new survey in our Damage series, looking at the experiences of members working in Freedom of Information.

This includes all those working directly in FOI, such as FOI Officers and other FOI practitioners. But it also includes many other members across a range of departments in all public bodies in Scotland who may, as part of their job, be responsible for providing/ and compiling information and data for responses to FOI requests.

The survey asks about the issues that members face in their day to day work, especially in relation to the impact of cuts – although it may be that some FOI teams have been strengthened recently. Let us know what your experience is.

The survey will form the basis of a UNISON Scotland ‘Damage’ report. These reports cover how austerity is hitting public services and how we can protect them. (See previous reports here)

All of the information given in the survey will be confidential. We will use some of the quotes in the report but they will not identify the respondent. The survey will close on 30th September.

Complete the survey here at 

Thanks for your help!