National Care Service Bill

thumbnail of NCS Bill e-briefingThe National Care Service Bill was published on 21 June. This briefing focuses on the implications and consequences of the Bill.

The First Minister’s claim that the establishment of the NCS on a par with the creation of the NHS is a sham.

  • The Bill confirms that what is called a ‘National Care Service’ by the Scottish Government is the current system, with added ministerial oversight and some national standard setting.
  • It locks in social care as a commodity in a market rather than a public service for citizens. In doing so it confirms profit from care as a founding principle of the National Care Service.
  • This Bill effectively seals the fate of local authorities as a tier of government. It is the most outright and comprehensive assault on local government in a generation.
  • It has profound implications for the future delivery of social work and social care services with strong potential to extend the market.
  • Given the work underway a firmer public commitment to sectoral collective bargaining for social care is needed.
  • As the Bill proceeds UNISON will continue to argue for profit to be taken out of care, for publicly run and delivered social services, and against this attack on local democracy.