Local Government Conference 2016

Conference reports from a Scotland perspective and where Scotland delegates are particularly involved on 19-20 June 2016. For other reports see the UK pages.

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Duncan Smith

Oppose TTIP – a threat to public services.

#ulgc16 UNISON will press councils across the UK to oppose TTIP amidst serious and growing anger about the impact of ...
Kate Ramsden

UNISON will help youth workers and young people defend their services.

#ulgc16 Conference supported a campaign to protect vital youth work services which have been devastated in recent years and are ...
Inez Teece

Defending local democracy, jobs and services

#ulgc16 Local Government Conference slammed the Tory Government’s ideological austerity policies which are having such a devastating effect on local ...
Deirdre Macdonald

Disabled workers rights must be protected and improved

#ulgc16 Aberdeen City’s Deirdre Macdonald, in her maiden speech to conference, pledged to go back to her branch and work ...
Norah Ademeyo

UNISON members bring hope to refugees

#ulgc16 In a moving debate, local government delegates made it clear that UNISON welcomes refugees and UNISON will take steps ...
Duncan Smith

Good housing essential to all our well-being

#ulgc16 Delegates called on the union leadership to continue the campaign against the Tory government’s housing strategy, to press for ...
Tony Slaven

Incapability must not be used to sack workers

#ulgc16 Conference condemned the growing use of Incapability Procedures to sack staff on the grounds of ill-health or performance, as ...
Scott Donohoe

Stress and overwork hit activists, members and services and must be tackled

#ulgc16 “Our members are experiencing intolerable increases in workloads, staffing levels are cut to the bone and morale is at ...