Oppose TTIP – a threat to public services.

Duncan Smith
Duncan Smith – Photo by Kenny McCallum

#ulgc16 UNISON will press councils across the UK to oppose TTIP amidst serious and growing anger about the impact of TTIP on public services, health and safety and environmental concerns.

Edinburgh’s Duncan Smith spoke about CETA (the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) – “the father of TTIP and like it, a real danger to public services locally and nationally.”

He told delegates that EU Commissioners have been negotiating this agreement in secret for the past four years.

“The European Parliament has not had a look in and the Commissioners didn’t ask us either,” said Duncan.

“The Lone Pine Company is suing the Canadian Government because of its moratorium on fracking. This shows that the Scottish Government’s moratorium on fracking would also be under threat from CETA/TTIP,” warned Duncan.

“The EU Commissioners don’t care – we do. Let’s fight this!”

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