STUC Women’s Conference 2021

STUC Women 21Here are reports on the some of the UNISON Scotland input to the Annual STUC Women’s Conference on Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 October 2021 online. For an overview of the whole Conference go to the STUC website
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Davena Rankin

A just transition must recognise and promote the role of women

STUC Women’s conference highlighted the gender impact of climate change and demanded a just transition to promote the role of ...
June Maguire

Women’s equality must be at the heart of the political agenda

STUC Women’s Conference backed a wide ranging COVID recovery plan that reflects the reality of women’s health and demanded that ...
Davena Rankin

Diversity and inclusion – an unstoppable force

Conference backed a call from UNISON Scotland for the STUC Women’s Committee to recognise that many women are also members ...
Katrina Murray

Education recovery must tackle the scandal of all women in precarious work

STUC Women’s Conference slammed the rising numbers of women in precarious work, worsened by the COVID pandemic which is driving ...
STUV Women

STUC: Women Organising Against Discrimination at Work

UNISON Scotland will be reporting on our speakers at the STUC Annual Women’s Conference this week online, where the major ...

Reports by UNISON Scotland Communications and Campaigns Committee from Kate Ramsden.