NHS Pensions: Response UK Treasury Re McCloud Judgement

thumbnail of UNISON final draft McCloud response Scotland

The Treasury is consulting on proposals to remedy the issues raised by the McCloud judgement.  UNISON submitted a UK response and this additional response has detail for Scottish members.  Across the UK, UNISON is broadly supportive of the UK Government’s two proposed remedy options.

However, we do believe that Deferred Choice Underpin (DCU) presents the better remedy option for correcting this discrimination. This is on the simple premise that it reduces the likelihood of individuals making the wrong choice. UNISON Scotland therefore proposes DCU as our preferred remedy option.

UNISON Scotland does not support the UK Government’s proposal for the remedy costs to be met by members.

UNISON Scotland is also calling for a review of the Normal Pension Age for certain occupational groups within the 2015 NHS Pension Scheme. This will allow us to see if the evidence base supports a lower Normal Pension Age, such as that currently applied to the “uniformed services”.

Immediate detriment members and dependents must be prioritised in being provided with a choice at the first available opportunity.