NHS union to discuss pay bargaining

Date: Thursday 11 June 2015

Over 60 stewards and union staff from NHS union UNISON meet in Ayr today (Thurs) to plan the union’s future strategy on pay in NHS Scotland.

Speaking at the annual policy event Tam Waterson Chairperson of the Scottish Health Committee said:
“UNISON believes in the NHS and UK bargaining on pay and conditions, however our members across the UK have experienced different pay deals, determined simply by which nation they live in, the time is now right for Scottish unions to negotiate with our government on pay.”

Pay for NHS workers is determined by an independent pay review body (PRB). In recent years only the Scottish Government has honoured the recommendations, however the union remains critical over the level of pay awards which amount to a real terms cut in NHS workers’ wages.

Tam Waterson said:
“UNISON has welcomed the Scottish Government’s commitment to the PRB and we recognise that this is better than our members received in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“Across Scotland UNISON members are angry that their pay has fallen in real terms, and today our senior activists and regional staff will discuss the merits of Scotland-only bargaining on NHS pay.

“Despite the commitment by the Scottish Government to honour the PRB, our members have less money in their pockets at the end of the week than they did before.

“These cuts come at a time when NHS workers are expected time and time again to do more for less and our MPs line up to award themselves an 11% pay rise.

“It’s time for Scottish NHS workers to get a fair deal on pay and UNISON is determined to deliver on that objective.”


Danny Phillips communications officer 079444 664 110
Matt Mclaughlin UNISON NHS regional officer, 07904 341979
Tam Waterson, Chairperson of the Scottish Health Committee, 0131 537 6681

Note to editors
UNISON is the public service union. It is the biggest trade union in Scotland and the biggest trade union in the NHS.