Ovo threatened job losses – update from Gillian Bannatyne

This short video from Gillian Bannatyne – UNISON’s lead negotiator for energy – is to update our members on the threatened job losses on behalf of the UNISON in Ovo team.

GIllian says: “Our number one priority is to ensure that no employee is made compulsorily redundant. OVO invited expressions of interest in voluntary redundancy across its whole business and the results of this will be important for members.

UNISON have made it clear to OVO, that we are unhappy with the level of information being provided by the business and the rational for the multiple changes proposed.

We fully understand this is a stressful period for members as it is for UNISON’s reps who are also impacted.

We will be working hard in the coming days and weeks to press the business to listen to us, to remove the threat of compulsory redundancy and give members a clear view of the future for OVO which places them at its very centre. We will keep you updated on progress.”

UNISON has made it clear to OVO that:

  1. There will be no compulsory redundancy this is a voluntary process
  2. All displaced staff should whenever possible be given the opportunity to transfer into new roles within OVO
  3.  No member should be subject to psychometric testing and only the minimum criteria should be used to enable people to move to new roles including the opportunity for trial periods
  4. Clarity is given on the future of the business and the direction of travel so that those who remain do so knowing the business will grow.

Gillian and the UNISON in Ovo team, has been providing detailed updates at members and stewards meetings, and you are encouraged to attend and ask questions. But we are aware that not everyone has been able to attend these online briefings.

For further briefings on social media please use #saveOVOjobs

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