Palestine Conference and Demonstration at Festival

News from Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign

13th August 2016 – CONFERENCE: Settler Colonialism in Palestine

Palestine ConferenceThe keynote speakers at this one day conference on settler colonialism in Palestine include Omar Barghouti, Ilan Pappé, Ben White and Ruba Salih. Updates will be posted on the SPSC website and emailed to registrants.

BDS is how we exert pressure on Israel to help bring an end to the nightmare in Palestine that the UK launched a century ago.  The conference on Settler Colonialism in Palestine examines what we are opposing: the origins, aims and deadly dynamic of the colonisation project ongoing in Israel/Palestine.

The conference is part of a series of SPSC coordinated activities during the international Edinburgh Festival in August 2016. These activites build on several years of cultural boycott campaigning in Scotland.

Protest Festival of Israeli crime in Edinburgh, August 17

Palestine supporters to Edinburgh on August 17th!The language of some UK pro-Israel organisations is getting very heated concerning their celebration of “all things Israel” during the Edinburgh Fringe on Wednesday August 17. The celebration of Israel is a celebration of violent ethnic cleansing – past, ongoing and planned. “All things Israel” includes war crimes and crimes against humanity,…

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